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The Marcia Forman Band plays Jazz Standards with a twist of the blues.  Marcia plays alto and soprano saxophones with lots of emotion.  She plays jazz standards, Klezmer and old time favorites.  She’s been working as an adjunct professor for San Diego Continuing Education Emeritus Program conducting the Musical Experiences class at many adult homes in San Diego.  It’s very rewarding.  Violinist Floyd Fronius plays in many bands around San Diego.  He plays Swing and Irish music with Raggle Taggle, Zydeco music with Billy Lee and the Swamp Critters and fills in with the Rhythm Jacks playing the blues.  He is in demand.  Mike Stewart is world famous for being the leader of Raggle Taggle with his lovely wife, Jean Stewart.  They have been a fixture in San Diego for many years.  Dan Coulson, bass extraordinaire, was in the Coulson Family Band from the 70’s.  They traveled all around the country and performed – yes, even at the White House!!!  His Dad wrote a book about their travels.  Fascinating.  The one and only Dave Page is on Drums.  He makes his own drums. He is making drums for U2!!!  Yes, it’s true.  Floyd machines the lugs, Aeolus Machine, keeping it in the “family”.  Dave has played with the San Diego Symphony, Tom Jones, many Irish bands around the world and the Fern Street Circus - he is the lone musician for their yearly performances.
We have guest artists.  When Dave goes to Ireland or Kansas to visit his family, Ray Conseur plays drums and the cajon for the band.  Faith, his wife is a great support system for the Marcia Forman Band.  A good friend, too.  Bob Pruitt, blues guitarist, helps liven things up.  He is the founder of the Rhythm Jacks and plays with Billy Lee and the Swamp Critters.  He is also an Engineering professor at San Diego City College in his other life.   


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